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the adventures of a MAD mom


I have come to the conclusion that my increasingly infrequent posts reflects the fact that MAD has become a way of life for us.  In the beginning, I wrote regularly as it was a type of therapy for me.  A good release, and a way to find others out there struggling through the process.  But as the diet has become the “norm” for us, there is less to write about and less need for me to find an outlet.  But now we face a new challenge – going off the diet.

Since late last year we have slowly been weaning Casey off of the MAD.  He is now up to 35 carbs per day.  To the average person, that is a crazy low amount of carbs, but to anyone on this diet, you know it is time to celebrate.  We, in fact, are having a hard time using up all those carbs in a single day.  It is not quite enough to dive into a piece of pizza or anything crazy like that.  However, 10 carbs worth of green beans or zucchini could put anyone over the edge.   So, for the first time in over 2 years Casey is able to combine carbohydrate rich foods in a single meal.  For example, today for lunch he took salame, crackers (made with low carb pizza dough), string cheese AND a plum.  Imagine!  And there is a lot more room for snack in the new plan as well.  Still, nowhere close to what a typical teen is eating, but to Casey it has provided a bit of freedom to indulge.

Today, Casey will culminate from middle school.  We will spend part of the summer coming up with new  and higher carb count foods.  He also has several doctor appointments  where we will decide where to go from here.  We are not sure what will happen as we ramp up the carbs to a “normal” amount, but in the end Casey is still having a handful of seizures every day.  As he nears driving age, we will have to think about the ramifications of that amongst the other areas where it impacts his life.  Only time will tell.


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