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the adventures of a MAD mom

modified mom modifiedmom MAD modified atkins diet for seizures epilepsy ketogenic diet

Toiletries – check

Hiking gear – check

Fishing gear – check

Clothes – check

Bag of Meds & supplements – check

Diastat along with explicit instructions on how to use it in case of emergency – check

Large Family Sized Ice Chest filled with pre-packaged MAD meals, snacks, cream, pots, pans, spatulas – check

Daily Meal Planner – check

Seizure Chart – check

Emergency bracelet – check

One of Casey’s friends (or I should actually give the credit to his mom) was nice enough to invite Casey on a trip up to Mammoth Lakes for 5 days even after I told her about his diet and all the space he would need in the car to accommodate it.  After cooking and baking all day yesterday to prepare for the unexpected trip – he left early this morning, barely fitting all his gear in an already filled-to-the-brim car.    And though I will miss his smiling little face and constant chattering, I feel so unbelievably free and at a little bit of a loss as to what I will do with all this unexpected time on my hands.    The week will be free of making separate meals, planning out menus at beginning of the day, timing our activities between snack and meal times.  We could go out to dinner with my older son to a restaurant where we can all order off of one menu.  And no need to bring a MAD meal in a Tupperware container that we must graciously yet forcefully ask the waitress to heat up.  Or we can take a long bike ride on the beach without packing a snack or even caring what time we will get back.  Dare I think about reading – and maybe even finishing – that mindlessly indulgent novel that all the other women are reading this summer?

So, you see, in the end this is a little unexpected vacation for Casey AND for me.


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