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the adventures of a MAD mom

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The birthday boy

It is so hard for me to believe, but yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of Casey’s birth.   He was so excited to become a teen he could hardly sleep for weeks prior to the big day.  We joked about how he would stop hugging me and that I should get all the hugs in I could before the day arrived. But when he woke, the first thing he did was give me a big smile and hug which is not a bad way to start any day if you ask me.

Yesterday also marked a little more than 3 years since Casey was diagnosed with this terrible monster, Epilepsy, that we continue to fight daily.  Since converting back to MAD, Casey has been suffering several absence seizures a day, mainly in the mornings, but longer in duration than we have seen for some time.  For the previous 10 days we vacationed in altitude, which I believe worsened the circumstances because now that we are back at sea level he seems to be doing much better.  He has notoriously had reactions in changes to, or transitions between the diets and to different levels of Keto, but it has generally been a honeymoon period where he has no seizures at all for a  week and then we are back to a few a day.

I have also heard that the teen years can either put an end to the seizures or reek havoc on them. So, we will keep an eye focused on him and hope that the majority of the seizures go away so that we do not have to contemplate going back on Keto.  Casey is SO loving having many of the meals he missed while on the Ketogenic Diet, and so much happier that it has made an impact on the entire family.  Not to mention gaining back all those hours previously used for weighing and measuring.


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