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the adventures of a MAD mom

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I realize that 5 months have passed since I last made an entry.  As the time passed, it became harder and harder to return to writing.  Mostly, because as time passed we relized that the Ketogenic Diet was not going to be the miracle we were hoping for.  It was not for lack of trying.  Though Casey, as has been his way with all forms of the diet, stuck with it to a T, we realized pretty early on that there was no change between the MAD and Keto.   Over the 4 month period, we made several adjustments both to the diet and suppliments to no avail.  In addition, Casey was one very unhappy camper.  Not to discourage anyone from trying Keto, which shows great results with many kids, but it was very trying for a pre-teen who so loves food.

So here we are, 5 months later trying to get back into the swing of MAD.  I am conditioned to wake up each morning, pull out the scale and begin measuring the days meals.  This is one ritual I am not going to miss.  The good news is that with its much stricter guidelines, we have learned much from being on Keto that will help us continue on MAD with more understanding of how the diet works, and without so much “guess work”.  I will hold on to my scale, to measure out the carbs that we were previously winging (ie:  how much, really, is a cup of strawberries? Whole or cut up?  if Casey’s mashes them in really hard is it still a cup?).

The bad news is that we now know we are living with this monster until Casey 1) grows out of it, or 2) a cure is found.  And that if neither of those come to pass, that this will be a way of life for Casey as he grows from a boy to a man.


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