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the adventures of a MAD mom

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After passing all the milestones of tolerating the new 4:1 ratio, Casey was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. That was a full day sooner than we expected and he was very happy to be back home where he could rest peacefully.  So far he has had no complaints about either the food itself, or the side effects that often come with this transition.  He is showing signs of lethargy, normal for the transition phase, but other than that has been a real trooper.  When I made his first dinner at home, I was sure he was going to be angry at the very tiny 1 oz. portion of chicken floating in a bowl of fat, but instead he said it tasted fantastic. (eathing hospital food can make just about anything taste better).   And the photo above is an example of a “meal”, about a tablespoon of avocado floating in a sea of olive oil and a side of bacon (to get an idea of portions, these are small glass prep bowls).

He never ceases to amaze me and I am so hoping this is what is going to kick his epilepsy in the butt for good.


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