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the adventures of a MAD mom

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On Tuesday, Casey will be admitted to the hospital to begin induction to the Ketogenic Diet.   He will start at the highest ratio,  4:1, a choice made between our medical team and our family.  I think at this point Casey just wants to know if it will work or not and by trying the most stringent form of the diet we will know sooner rather than later if this will be the way to stop the seizures entirely.  If not, he will know that he did all he could and can then make a decision to stay on the Keto or to go back to the Modified Atkins.

Our wonderful team at UCLA will introduce Keto to another boy, close in age to Casey, at the same time.  The boys were able to meet about a month ago and I think it has really helped to know they will have each other to start this new journey.  Casey is actually looking forward to his stay in the hospital – no school AND someone to hang out with – what could be better?  I am hoping he still feels that way once he sees his first 4:1 meal.


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