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the adventures of a MAD mom

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Yesterday, January 1st marked one year on the Modified Atkins Diet for Casey.  In one way it is hard to believe, and in another it is hard to remember a time before the MAD.  One thing I do remember clearly is that last holiday season, Casey was unable to attend my sisters annual Christmas party for the first time in his life due to fatique associated with the seizures and his medications.  This year, he couldn’t wait to go and we even stayed late, past his bedtime, something we would not have dreamed of the year before.

Casey was also invited to stay with friends in their cabin for a few days.  (Because I make all of his meals, I was lucky enough to go along for the ride!)   Casey (and I) had a great time enjoying the clean mountain air, beautiful scenery and great company.  Only a short year ago this trip would not have been any fun for Casey, with his low energy and over-abundant need for sleep.  He is now able to enjoy a trip away from home with his friends just like any other kid – aside from the personal chef  of course :-).

On the flip side, the MAD was not the miracle we were hoping for, ridding Casey of his seizures for good. After a year he is still experiencing at least a few seizures each day.  There have been a few weeks where we did not see any seizures but they would always return,  dashing our hopes of a seizure-free life.

So here we are, a new year and a new start for us.  In February, Casey will be admitted into the hospital to start the Ketogenic Diet.  We have been trying it out informally for the past couple months and have seen enough improvement to encourage us and our MAD team to give it a formal try.  Casey has adjusted to the altered MAD recipes and some new Keto recipes enough to commit to giving it a try.

What does this mean for  My hope is that I am able to cronicle the transition for those on either diet and those living in between.  I will post recipe “ideas” without measurements when necessary, as the keto recipes differ greatly from child to child depending on the keto-ratio prescribed by the medical team.  We hope you will follow our journey as we make the transition and, as always, we hope to hear from you about your journey as well.



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