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the adventures of a MAD mom

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Since we started MAD just after the holidays last year, I hadn’t thought much this year about our normal holiday traditions.   Beginning with the chocolate Advent Calendar on December 1st, St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, making our traditional family recipe of Stollen for our friends and family, baking Coffee Cakes with Grandma and finally our two day Christmas celebration split between both sides of the family.  All of it includes very un-MAD like menus.  So November 30th found me scrambling to find something for Casey to put next to my older sons Advent Calendar.  I remembered spending the holidays in Germany with my Aunt and Uncle.  They had a tiny advent tree with 24 small gifts wrapped under it.  Perfect!  Casey loves little trinkets so, I was hoping, he would like this even more than the chocolate he was missing out on.   Fortunately, that proved to be true.  For 12 days now we have been able to find some small treasure to wrap up for Casey.  He comes running out every day, excited at the prospect of what he might find.  It has been something as simple as a 50-cent piece, or one of my husbands old ties, but whatever it is Casey has been happy and feeling a part of  – rather than left out of – each days celebration.

We roll into the holiday season still living between MAD and Keto.  For now, it is working.  We have not seen  the small seizures Casey was having while just following the MAD.  We are hopeful that the changes we have made – being more diligent in correctly counting carbs, and adding in additional fat will keep things on the right track.  Only the next EEG will tell.  But, we are committed fully to transfering over to the Ketogenic Diet if that is what it will take to stop the seizures all together.  I have been lucky enough, between this blog and other support groups, to have received many wonderful messages and feed back from those who have switched back and forth between the two diets.  It seems that it is more common than I had realized, and such a comfort to have a great support system.  If there is one thing I have learned through all of this, it really does take a village  to make this diet work.  The doctor appointments are important, but it’s what I share in between with those who are traveling this same crazy road that keeps me sane.


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