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the adventures of a MAD mom

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Sargent Casey

Several weeks ago we began discussing Halloween with Casey.  We asked him if he would rather do something non-candy related as opposed to our usual tradition of Trick-Or-Treating in the neighborhood.  We live in a unique Los Angeles neighborhood where many of the kids and families know each other and roam the streets together on Halloween.  There is the annual Pumpkin Carving Contest where you can vote for your favorite pumpkin,  a flying fire-breathing dragon, the strobe-light and fog infested haunted house, several movie-industry families with spook-tacular special effects and a few neighbors that hand out full-sized Snickers – not those little bite sized teasers.  But given that Casey could not eat this, or any other treats we wanted him to have some options.  Dressing up in costume and going bowling?  A movie?  He spent a couple of weeks pondering the choices, and then at the last-minute decided to go out trick-or-treating with some school friends in a different neighborhood.  After his most enthusiastic candy hunt in all his years, he came home with about 10 lbs. of candy.  No joke.  He generally tires-out, or bores-out after a couple blocks, but this year he was out for hours.  He couldn’t wait to get home and share it all with us – “Here mom, Twix and Kit Kat, your favorites.  Reeces for Dad, and Hershey’s for Nolan” – yes, he was even sharing with his brother!  Then, he went on to say that he would bring the rest to school tomorrow for all of his friends to enjoy.

We have been noticing this trend lately with Casey.  He wants to shop for candy and treats, even spending his own hard-earned allowance to give away to anyone who will take it.  He is very careful to learn everyone’s favorites, then goes out and buys them and gives them away.  Dave’s take on it is that since Casey can’t eat it himself, he is living vicariously through those he gives it to.  I just can’t believe he could live with the temptation of holding pounds of candy for hours and never eat any of it, or even want to expose himself to that.  But it shows me that he has learned to incorporate the MAD into his life, and still live it to the fullest.  He was not going to give up being with friends, and all the other excitement that comes with Halloween just because of a little candy.  He even found genuine joy in giving it all away.


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