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the adventures of a MAD mom

Today marks one year without a grand mal seizure.  I remember that because it is also the birthday of my older son, Nolan.  Last year, while I was busy in the kitchen working on all that pre-birthday stuff we parents do, Casey came racing by this way, then that way, then this way again.  (I later learned he was trying to connect his wi-fi which he lost during a game on his DS.)  In all the drama of losing his connection, and the running back and forth, he suddenly froze.  I felt something was not right so ran to his side and fortunately caught him before he fell to the  concrete floor (Had I known he would be diagnosed with epilepsy I would most likely have made a different flooring choice, but you know how life throws you those little curve balls).  It was his third in as many weeks, an increase from once every three weeks as had been the case for the previous 3 months.

Dave and I carried him to his room where he slept for a few hours before joining the party as if nothing had happened.  I remember how scared I was, that the seizures were getting worse and worse and that we had no control.  I was afraid to send him to school for fear there would be no one around the next time he fell.  I couldn’t concentrate if he was out of my sight.

Now, a year later, I am still afraid, however I do feel as if we have some control.  We have chosen to quit gambling with the drugs and their negative side effects and instead take a different approach.  We can make changes to Casey’s diet without having to see a doctor and get a new prescription.  We can alter things when we see the status quo is not working.  On the MAD, we are not just sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone or something to make a change. We are a part of the solution.

And today at Nolan’s party , Casey swam and ran and played ball along side all the other kids, and felt really happy to be celebrating his own little victory.


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