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the adventures of a MAD mom

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Well, I have learned yet another hard lesson on this crazy MAD journey.  Someone mentioned a bakery to me that sold low carb bread.  I looked it up, and WOW they had some fantastic looking bread with only 1-2 carbs per slice.  It was made mainly from grains, which accounted for a lot of fiber that was backed out of the total carbs.  Since we count the net, not total carbs, I was in a bit of a low carb bread fog when I purchased not one, not two, but three loaves.  I promptly received the three beautiful loaves the very next day. I was in awe that someone could have created such a beautiful loaf of bread containing only 1-2 carbs per slice.  I have been working at it for 8 months now, and did not get anywhere near this perfection.

Casey couldn’t wait to open it and have a slice.  Once toasted and slathered with a generous portion of butter, his eyes lit up as I haven’t seen them since the last great culinary discovery – the chocolate coconut flour muffin. He couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was – and all the things he could now add to his diet:  french toast, BLT, scrambled eggs with toast and on and on.   Something at the back of my mind was telling me something was not right, but I so WANTED it to be right for Casey’s sake.

My husband had the same feeling, but of course we did not discuss it out loud.  If either of us would have mentioned it to the other, it would have set off a mad dash to the computers to search the web for something proving it was OK to eat this heavenly little loaf.  But I think we both wanted to live in a little bit of denial.  Until the little seizures started – that is.  I first noticed one during afternoon of the day he had his first piece.  I thought it might be related, but the only way to know was to try it again the next day with a clean slate.  Sure enough, during the late morning the next day the seizures began again.  Just a few, but enough that I decided to post on my Atkins for Seizures Yahoo Group the question as to whether anyone else had tried this bread and had the same experience.

The responses came in.  Someone had done quite a bit of research, so much so that she was able to link me to an article and a couple of chatrooms flowing with information about this company and their questionable way of calculating carbs.  The only reason I am not going to mention the company’s name is because during the research I found at least 2 other companies playing the same carb-count game.  And, more importantly,  I should have known better and done my research up front.  As someone on the Atkins for Seizures Yahoo site so eloquently stated, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.   I knew it was, yet wanted to ignore all the signs pointing to something fishy.

Now, I am racked with guilt.  Casey continued to have small seizures for the balance of the day.  He will spend the next several days ridding his body of the bread and getting his body back into ketosis.  And I will have nightmares for at least the next few days, thinking of how irresponsible it was to have purchased and given him a product that was not thoroughly researched on my end.


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