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the adventures of a MAD mom

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Over the past week we took our very first vacation since starting the Modified Atkins Diet.  Being the slightly neurotic person I am (my husband would tell you VERY neurotic) I  began baking and cooking several weeks in advance.  Mind you, we planned the vacation around having a kitchen available – bypassing the idea of flying somewhere in the case we might be stuck in an airport with nothing to feed Casey.  Or worse yet, having our pork rind waffles confiscated by the agricultural department
who might consider them a meat product. So, even though we would have access to a kitchen 90% of the time I still felt the need to cook most everything in advance.

We departed L.A. with 2 large and one small ice chests, in addition to a bin of dry food packed in amongst the mountain bikes and fishing poles and golf clubs.  During our 24 hour drive up to Northern California (including an overnight stop), Casey ate mostly none of it.  A snack here and there, some water, but mainly he was happy to play the license plate game, spot cows and fight with his brother over the powers of Pokémon.  He did insist we stop at Casey’s Steak and BBQ in Ridgecrest where he enjoyed a nice NY Strip, while the rest of us wished we had followed suit.

Tonight, as we pack to make our way back to L.A., I realize that although we did go through a good amount of the food I pre-cooked, Casey was also able to eat many things we could purchase at the little market in town or restaurants along theway.  I really didn’t have to prepare as far in advance as I did, or stress about breaking down on the roadside for hours causing Casey to wail with hunger pains (really, I have these thoughts).

Instead, it was quite easy to be away.  We had a great time, hiking around Lassen National Park, fishing on Lake Almanor (special thanks to my good friend Tracy
for the use of your beautiful cabin!), and enjoying a much slower paced life than L.A. can offer.  Casey was like any other kid we met along the way.  Except for a few special menu requests, which elicited a little – though not much – attention, no one knew what he has gone through or what he bravely battles every day.


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