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the adventures of a MAD mom

modified atkins diet for seizures, modified mom, ketogenic diet

Dave and I  started the day with our first MAD meal in honor of Casey’s birthday wish that we follow the diet with him for one week.  Coconut waffles, bacon and coffee.  Then, I looked at the calendar and saw we were scheduled to go to the Eat Real festival – a food fest in nearby Culver City.   What?  We decided to start the diet on the same day as a food festival?  Wish we had planned that better.  But then we decided it would be a great indoctrination into what Casey experiences on a daily basis.

Upon arrival we were faced with tent after tent, truck after truck of endless food choices.  Roaming around we searched for something we might be able to sample.  Most everything had sauces that would preclude us from tasting and I could see how difficult it must be for Casey to go events centered around food.

We watched, and participated in, a noodle making demonstration.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t sample the end result along with the rest of the audience.  But it was really cool to watch (I say as I drool over the finished product).

modified atkins diet for seizures, modified mom, ketogenic diet

Noodle pulling

Our main reason for going, however, was to watch a pig being broken down.  Since Casey is consuming a lot of pork, I thought it might be a good idea to show him where it comes from.  (remember now, we are city folk without much access to this kind of thing).  I have to say, that was worth the trip.  Casey found it fascinating, and we all learned a lot about pigs and pork and meat cuts.  We even got to sample a luscious smoked pig after the demonstration.

modified atkins diet for seizures; ketogenic diet; modified mom

Other than that, neither of us found it very difficult to make it through the day.  We were not hungry and had no particular cravings.  We even found that we could have some tomatoes from the garden which I had previously thought might be too high in carbs, and tasted delicious at the end of the day.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings….


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