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the adventures of a MAD mom

Casey’s birthday is right around the corner.  Instead of electronics, he lists several unique requests including, and I quote:

1) colored duct tape to make things out of

2) old collectible handmade items – not purchased

3) Burt’s Bee assorted items

4) My whole family to go on my diet for a week

Yes, that last one is the killer.  Of course I am not going to deny him this, but I have to say,  I am not thrilled at the prospect.  When Casey just started on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, Dave and I did try to follow along albeit not on the strict carb count that Casey was following, and we only lasted a couple weeks at that.  I did have to explain to Casey that his brother would not be participating given all of his sensory issues and food phobia’s which Casey kinda understood but was none-the-less irritated about.  I also requested that I could keep my morning cup of coffee WITH caffeine, which Casey quickly agreed to.  (I think he must know the consequences of denying me this.)

So here I am at 11pm making batches of MAD food so that when my husband and I awake tomorrow we can begin a week of 15 carb days filled with bacon and butter.  I only hope we have the willpower Casey has exhibited over the past 6-1/2 months.  And who knows, maybe we will come to enjoy pork rind waffles and stevia like Casey has. I’ll let you know.


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