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the "unknown boy"

Casey and I had a wonderful day at the beach yesterday.  For the first time in his life, he was interested in swimming in the ocean.  I know, crazy – I have 2 California native kids and neither of them much like the ocean.  “It’s so sandy” is what I hear when I tell them we are going down to the beach for the day. Sure, they have both frolicked on the shore line, even going in up to their knees or belly.  Once, in Mexico where the water was a good 15 degrees warmer than in Southern California, Casey and I swam with the turtles.  It was a calm sea, however, and there were no waves.

I get the feeling his new-found interest in the water may be  because Casey has been restricted from the water without one-on-one supervision since his diagnosis of Epilepsy.  Maybe it’s his pre-teen feeling of bucking the system – to go in the ocean when even a bathtub or pool might be a little dangerous.  Whatever the reason, I was thrilled to have someone to swim with.  You see, unlike my kids,  I love the ocean.  Growing up by the coast, my mom used to pick my sisters and I up from school and take us down to the beach where we would play and swim until the sun set.  I never got tired of roaming around the beaches, body surfing, boogie boarding, sunbathing.  When I received my drivers licence, Zuma Beach was my first destination.  So to finally be able to teach my son how to catch a wave in the great blue pacific was a particular thrill for me.

He stood on the shore a long time before working up the nerve to enter the cool Pacific water, but once in I couldn’t get him out.  Bobbing up and down on the waves as they rolled past was particularly fun for Casey.  The waves were very calm, so I wasn’t as on edge as I might have been, but there was still the nagging thought of what I would do in the case of a seizure.  I made sure there was someone close by with a boogie board, and we stayed right in plain view of a lifeguard station.  I taught him how to dive under the white water when the waves broke so as not to be caught in the blender effect.  Once he got the hang of that, he actually tested out the churning water once or twice just for fun which elicited a giant “yah-hoo”.  It was wonderful to see him having so much fun, when just last year he would have been fast asleep at this time.

After 2 hours, and too much sun, I finally convinced Casey to go back to the shore.  It only took a couple of minutes of lying in the sun for him to realize just how tired he was.  We dried off, played a game of frisbee and decided to call it a day.  It was one of the most enjoyable days I have ever had with Casey.  Next time it’s a boogie boarding lesson where he is sure to catch a few more waves.


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