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Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures Ketogenic Diet Modified Mom

Just in time for the summer, this rich creamy ice-cream is super low in carbs and a really great treat anytime!  The secret is to use a very thick coconut cream, not coconut milk.  I had to try several brands before I found one that worked. Many of the brands that call their product coconut cream are actually selling a thinner Pina Colada type mixture.

1 33.8 oz. Box Coconut Cream (I used the Kara brand)

12 scoops stevia or to taste

1 tsp. vanilla

6 Tablespoons Coconut*

8 Tablespoons Cocoa powder* (a high quality cocoa powder like Valrhona really makes a difference)

Mix all ingredients together.  I mix the cocoa powder first in a separate bowl with a little bit of the cream until it becomes a creamy paste.  Then add to other ingredients.

Pour into ice cream maker and run for about 15 minutes or according to manufacturers instructions.

Pour into individual popsicle molds, or into small one-serving storage containers. The 33.8 oz. box is quite large and I had to run it in 2 separate batches.  If you have a standard size ice cream maker you may want to cut the recipe in 1/2, or find a smaller box of the cream. (to speed up the process, simple mix the ingredients and pour right into the molds.  The ice cream maker makes them fluffier, but Casey likes them just as well like this).   You can also pour these into the small rounded silicone ice-cube trays that are shaped like bon-bons.  Our dietitian recommended popping a few before bedtime.

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Coconut Cream Bon-Bons using ice cube tray

This recipe made 10 popsicles at 1.2 carbs each.

*Optional.  You can exchange these for any ingredient you like, or use only the coconut cream which has a really nice flavor.


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