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the adventures of a MAD mom

Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures MAD Ketogenic Diet

I am in the midst of preparing for my first time away from Casey since we started the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures.  Over the next two weeks, I will be on a short but much-needed getaway with my husband, an out-of-town business trip and then return only to send Casey off to a sleep away camp for the weekend.  My “spare” time leading up to the trips is being utilized by either cooking/baking, or stressing out about what will happen while I am gone.  Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t feel as if I am super-women – the only one that can take care of things.  On the contrary, my mom (who I do believe is a super-woman) will be in charge while my husband and I are away.  She is more than capable of making sure that Casey gets the right amount of carbs, supplements, oils, ointments and meds, keeping the cats fed and the litter box clean, making the mono-meals my older son loves, shuttling between hockey practice and school fundraisers.  And my husband will take over when I am away on business, who is also capable of handling things as long as I carefully label and meal plan.  OK, their socks may not match when they go to school, but they will be awake and fed in time to make car-pool.

The sleep away camp poses more of a challenge in that Casey will be away from his family all together.  There will be parent chaperones that I trust, but the diet as you know is not easy to follow (oh, I put a little jam on his toast – just a little).  I know Casey well enough to trust that he will not veer from the Diet even with people unknowingly offering him chocolate and soda and chips.  Never-the-less, it is part of my nature to overly stress out about things, and so here I am at 6:00 am frying up a huge batch of pork rind french toast and waffles,   making lists of “free-carb” snack foods,  and putting together a last-minute shopping list so that there is nothing left to chance.  In all actuality, Casey is capable of putting together enough meals to take care of himself for a couple of days.  Some days he comes home after school and asks if he can make a “snack”, which consist of his special egg concoction.  A fried egg with cheese on top, cooked untill golden brown.  Before MAD, this would never have been considered a snack, but now it is like an event.  He adorns himself in chef hat and  pot holders, digs through the cupboards for just the right pan and spatula .  Rummaging around the fridge and cabinets for ingredients, he reminds me of a young Guy Fieri.  I am so proud of him, the way he has embraced the MAD and even made it fun.  And so, he has made my departure a time of trust and growth for us all.


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