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the adventures of a MAD mom

MCT Oil and Modified Atkins for Seizures Diet MAD

Well, we had our follow-up visit last week with our MAD team.  Casey had taken some labs earlier in the week, and this visit would include going thru the labs to see if he was doing any better with both his cholesterol levels and the calcium crystals that had built up in his urine (a possible precursor to kidney stones).

I am very happy to say that the cholesterol levels improved, and the crystals are gone.  Credit goes to taking out much of the butter and cream we were previously using, and exchanging those for coconut oil and coconut milk.    We have also added a daily fish oil supplement, and salmon a couple of days per week to Casey’s menu.  Also, in an effort to flush his system of the crystals, Casey is taking in 65 oz. of fluids per day – and let me tell you that is a whole lotta fluid to get into an 11-year-old every day.

In general, the team was very happy with Casey’s current status.  Because he is still having a few small seizures in the mornings, we discussed our options.  1) moving to the Ketogenic Diet, which Casey is not ready to do  2) alter nothing and live with the small seizures, which I am not ready to do unless that is our only option 3) play with Casey’s daily carbs, lowering them from 15 to 10, or raising them from 15 to 20 – certainly an option, 4) remove all sucralose from his diet for a few weeks to see if that could be triggering the seizures – but my gut says no.  Or 5) add in some MCT Oil to the diet.  I didn’t really know much about MCT oil, other than the few things I had read from other families on the Atkins for Seizures Yahoo Group . But it did seem this was an easy option that would rather quickly either show results, or not.

From searching the internet and taking a little pole on the Atkins for Seizures Yahoo Group, it seems that this type of oil, usually refined from Coconut oil, is metabolized into the system like carbohydrates rather than fat. Once ingested, it is transported directly to the liver where it is metabolized, releasing quick energy and creating lots of ketones in the process. It can be used for a quick ‘pick me up”, seems to boost ketosis levels and another little bonus is that it has properties of a laxative which can come in handy when following the MAD!

Our dietitian said we could find this very easily in any pharmacy, which turns out NOT to be the case.  I went on the NOW website, which has a store locater.  There were several locations within block of my house.  I went to each one, only to find out they didn’t carry it.  I was finally able to special order and picked it up just yesterday.   We began  incorporating it into Casey’s diet last night, and will hope for the best.  The good news is that Casey said it doesn’t have any taste, so it is not difficult for him to use (I tried it myself and agree it is absolutely tasteless). The bad news is that from everything I read, it causes stomach discomfort which Casey is predisposed to in general. We are starting out slowly, with 1 teaspoon at each meal, and he has not complained of stomach pains yet today – thank goodness.

I will keep you posted…..


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