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the adventures of a MAD mom


Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures MAD - Casey

Casey eating chips prior to starting The Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures

Casey told me that he sometimes has nightmares where he finds himself eating food that is not on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures.  When he wakes up, he feels scared that he “really did eat it, and something bad will happen”.

I thoroughly understand.  Yesterday, I was looking at photo’s from my dad’s memorial service.  When I flipped to one where Casey was eating out of a big bag of chips, my heart actually skipped a beat.  I quickly realized it was taken months before he started the MAD, but the feeling was overwhelming.  I was surprised at my reaction, because I absolutely trust that he would not “cheat” on the diet, but nonetheless felt fearful he might have “forgotten” about the diet for just a moment.  Then, immediately afterward,  relief rushed in.

These are familiar feelings I experience together almost daily, fear and relief.  Fear when Casey walks out the door each morning that this may be the day I receive the phone call telling me he has suffered another Tonic Clonic seizure, then relief when he walks in at the end of the day happily chatting about his day, or arguing with his brother about something or other.

Thankfully, my own nightmares have subsided over the last few months.  As the Tonic Clonic seizures fade away in months, I sleep through most nights without re-living the large seizures I witnessed him suffer in the past.  I am hoping that as time goes by, he will be able to sleep more soundly, too.


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