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Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman at In-n-Out Burger

Eating out would propose its own set of challenges for the next year or two.  But as he often does Casey, right from the start, took matters into in own hands. Today, I am interviewing Casey about eating at restaurants while on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures.

Q:  Casey, can you tell me about the Secret Menu?

A:  I personally found out about the secret menu from my friends, before I started the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures. If you are trying to look them up on the internet, I would suggest putting in the name of the restaurant (i.e.: In-N-Out) then typing in the words “secret menu”. You can do this with almost any restaurant.

The secret menu has items that restaurants do not put on their regular menu, either because they are too unhealthy, not a popular item or because they only have it for a limited time. Some of them are crazy like the 100 x 100 at In-N-Out which is a hundred burgers and a hundred slices of cheese on one bun. Or the Green Eye at Starbucks which is a coffee with 3 shots of espresso in it. You will be up all night – mark my words. I do not drink this – I am only eleven and not a coffee drinker. It tastes really bad to me. Some more normal things are the Shamrock Shake at McDonalds which is only around in March for St. Paddy’s Day.

For the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, you can find a Flying Dutchman at In-n-Out which is a patty, 2 slices of cheese and another patty. You can get this with or without a lettuce wrap. You can find other restaurants with items like this, too, that work on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures.

Q: Are there restaurants that you can go to without needing the secret menu?

A: Yes, there are some restaurants that you don’t even need the secret menu like El Pollo Loco. You can get their flame grilled chicken. If you go to a burger place you can usually get any burger patty wrapped in lettuce with nothing on it except maybe bacon and cheese. Or if you go to a sausage or hot dog place you can usually get any sausage or hot dog for zero to 2 carbs each. You must order with no condiments, no bun and no sides. They might have a low carb mustard you can use.

Q: If you don’t use the Secret Menu’s, are there other ways to find out about eating at restaurants?

A: You can also search for restaurants in the book Calorie King or on their website You can find more information on their website then in the book. I found that Rally’s Burgers which is right by my school serves Parmesan Garlic Wings for 1 carb per 5 wings and Extra Hot Wings which are 3 carbs per 5. You can also get pulled chicken for 6 carbs. It is very nice to know that I can eat out in places that are very common except for maybe McDonalds, but I don’t like it there at all anyhow.

Other restaurants that you can go to are In-n-Out, Daphne’s, and KFC. You might want to bring your own sides and diet soda if you want because for the diet you don’t want to drink Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi because they have caffeine.

Q: Do you feel you can go to a regular restaurant (not a Fast Food restaurant) with your family or friends?

A: Yes you can go to dine-in restaurants that are not fast food. You can get many things. Think about chicken. You can always have chicken, you just have to ask what is on it and if it has something not on the diet you must remove the skin. You can also have fish. Just make sure to order it with nothing on it, or if it comes with sauce make sure to find out what is in it, and order it on the side or not at all. You could also probably order rattle snake if you live somewhere where you can get this. So anything meaty basically you can have. Most restaurants will serve meat.

Q. If you tell them you are on a special diet, will they accommodate you?

A: Most of the time they will.  If they don’t, you don’t ever have to go back there again. You usually just have to tell them what you can have and they will probably tell you “we have this and this and this” and will most likely be very helpful.

Q: Do you feel that being on the Modified Atkins Diet has limited your ability to eat out with your family?

A: Yes and no because I can‘t go to all the places I like to go, but my parents limit their diet to the Modified Atkins so we usually go out to places together where it’s possible for us all to eat.

Q: When you started the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, did you think it would be more or less difficult to eat out at restaurants?

A: It’s not as difficult as I thought it would be because I still get to go out to restaurants and still have low carb food.


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