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the adventures of a MAD mom

Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures MAD

My mother-in-law taught me a very important lesson shortly after I began dating my now husband.  While setting the table for dinner, I asked which silverware to use.  She opened the drawer with the “good” silver.  I remarked that it was just us, and we didn’t need to make it fancy, to which she replied “that’s what it’s for – to use”.  

I loved this idea of using the “good” stuff every day, and started to use all that china that had been placed way up at the top of the cabinets for safe keeping.  The reality is, if we don’t use it, who will?   Someday it may be just a lot of stuff for my kids to clean out once I have moved on to the next phase of my existence. 

Casey has always been a big fan of using the good china.  He picks up special pieces at garage sales and thrift shops, and has been known to talk his grandparents out of a family heirloom here and there. So, when we started the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, he saw it as an opportunity to use every “good” dish in the house.  If it would help him to stay on the MAD diet, I was all for it. 

 Now, in addition to the good stuff, we also use the cookie cutters (that we can no longer use for cookies) to cut fun shapes into the modified waffles.  And Casey’s great grandma’s appetizer forks are perfect for eating little chunks of cheese one by one.  He especially likes when I put these in his lunch box.

Our local Smart & Final has some really fun items, like those little umbrellas that are used in Mai Tai’s and other exotic drinks.  They can liven up a glass of herbal tea just as well.  Ice cubes frozen with a little raspberry in the center are fun to make and a great treat, too, especially when served in a champagne glass along with soda water.

So break open your cabinets and see what little treasures you can find.  Your Modified Atkins dieter will surely thank you.


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