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the adventures of a MAD mom

 Pork Rind Pig II

During our 3rd week of the Modified Atkins Diet, we discovered how we could use that rejected bag of pork rinds.  After three weeks with no bread like substance, Casey sighed one morning and said “I sure wish I could have something that tasted like a waffle”.    I started surfing the internet, on a mission to find a carb free waffle recipe.  No such luck, but what I did come across was a recipe for French Toast made with – drum roll – Pork Rinds! 

Knowing that Casey had already rejected them as “tasting weird”, I did what any mom in this situation would do.  I ground them up and hid them in the French Toast batter, just like the recipe said.  To my surprise, and his (I didn’t tell him until AFTER he ate them, of course) the French Toast tasted fantastic.  But better than that, I was sure the consistency would work for waffles, so I took out my handy waffle iron and fired it up.  Lo and behold, after just 6 minutes there emerged a beautiful steaming hot waffle.  Casey took one bite and declared “they taste JUST like the waffles I used to eat”.  He has since discovered that they are also great as a PBJ (pecan butter and Walden Farms “jelly” on a waffle sandwich), or with a scoop of home made MAD ice cream on top. 

Well, there you go, the first of many pork rind inventions I plan to test.  Who knows, maybe a pork rind pizza crust lies in our future?


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