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the adventures of a MAD mom

Pork Rind PigSo, here I am wandering the isles of Whole Foods in search of some carb free items. While perusing the snack section, a very nice employee tells me that I will not find many low carb food items here, since they are not generally very healthy (not intentionally trying to make me feel any more motherly guilt than I already have, I am sure). When I explain to her the MAD diet my 11 year old would have to follow for at least a year, she becomes very helpful and moves from isle to isle searching along with me.

I have all but given up when she comes running around the corner with a big smile on her face and hands me what looks to be a bag of chips, but is actually pork rinds. “You’re kidding, right?” I say stunned, but she shows me the ingredients and there it is in black and white, those words we have since come to love: ZERO CARBS.

Up until now, we have been pretty healthy eaters. Not crazy healthy, but we do have a vegetable garden, and regularly shop at the local Farmers Market. So I am feeling quite strange at the state of elation I find myself in for having discovered that my son can include pork rinds in his daily diet. Until today, the thought of feeding my children pork rinds had never crossed my mind. I do admit I have a weak spot for them – childhood memories of growing up in Los Angeles – chicharrones from a cart wheeled by a sun worn Hispanic, older looking than his years, just trying to make a living. One time, when I was about 7, my dad even made a whole pig on our barbeque for a backyard Luau and I remember peeling the skin off as it sizzled over the hot coals.

When I return home, I immediately email a message to our dietitian which simply reads: “Seriously – Pork Rinds????”. Her response: “I know, right? “

I couldn’t wait to tell Casey what I had discovered – something that will have the crunch and savory taste of chips while containing zero carbs. He takes one bite and says, “they taste weird”.

So much for my big discovery.


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